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2023 Mechanic of Switching Sidelines


  • Live Ball Mechanic will remain the Same

    • LJ will punch passes

    • LJ holds the LOS

    • Reverse goal line mechanics- <10 yds HLJ has the goal line

    • 7person crew- BJ will key LJ side on balanced formation

    • R looks to press box side wing for confirmations of 1st downs all game

  • Deep wings will switch at half time with Short Wings


  • HLJ & LJ will go together to talk with Chain Crew

  • Everyone should introduce themselves to both head coaches

  • HLJ & SJ will ESCORT press box side CAPTAINS/TEAMS

    • will align with Referee​

  • LJ & FJ will ESCORT Opposite press box CAPTAINS/TEAMS

    • will align with Umpire​

1st HALF

  • LJ in charge of the Chains. LJ will brings chains on field for measurements.

  • LJ will move chains at the end of First Period with help of FJ

  • LJ will walk off penalties with U

    • HLJ - holds the spot of enforcement until U/LJ are complete w/mark-off and confirm​

  • HLJ primary for stopping the clock on First Downs


  • HLJ & SJ will ESCORT Opposite press box team after half time

  • LJ & FJ will ESCORT Press box side after half time

  • Resume normal duties

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