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2019 Study Guide Answer Key

2019 Answer Key for; March, April, May, June, July 

This is the last study guide for 2019 and a significant portion of Part II will come from the topics in this guide.  Rules 8,9 and 10 are covered and specifics related to new rules.  Many of the on field decisions officials make ultimately involve implementing these rules.

This guide moves rapidly through several rules, especially Rule 1 and 2.
More in depth of Rule 8 is covered here.

First a rule clarification that was anticipated: Received correspondence
from the NFHS on ten yard penalty for illegal kick, illegally kicking the ball
and illegal batting. I can now confirm that ALL are ten yard penalties.

Last month we reviewed principally Rule 6. This month it is Rule 7.

This begins the 2019 GHSA Football season. 2019 Part II test will have a
realistic testing atmosphere.

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