2018 Study Guide Answer Key

2018 Answer Key for; March, April, May, June, July

Emphasis on new rules and two important documents on the training web site to include "Free Blocking Zone" in the spread and "Catch" definition.

This guide hits some special areas of emphasis such as unusual enforcement and force as related to touchback or safety.

This month is  an emphasis on the passing game multiple facets and especially catch-no catch. Other topics include fumbles, muffs, and some aspects of  what runners can and can’t do.  The GHSA Part II test is earlier this year in mid-July so the question writers will be doubling up to cover the topics we need to look at as crews.

This guide focuses on LOS, Shifts, Motions, Formations, Free Blocking Zone, Blocks, Spot locations (new series) and the biggest news is the adoption of SEVEN (7) Man Mechanics for All Post-Season Play and Regular season games if the home team opts to do so and officials are available.

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Welcome to the 2018 season.  Like last year we are starting with the kicking game. In doing so we recognize rule changes have been implemented in this area related  to enforcement.

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